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Jay-Z Blueprint 3 Commercial

Posted by tyltempest on 09/02/2009

This is one of the dopest commercials I’ve ever seen.  It’s a sham that the Blueprint 3 album cover wasn’t like his other ones, it would have been a nice way to end the commercial.  Good stuff nonetheless.

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Jay-Z – Venus vs. Mars

Posted by tyltempest on 08/26/2009

Jay-Z – Venus vs. Mars

Another Blueprint 3 leak.  I hope this is the last of the club-type tracks, because as it is, Blueprint 3 already isn’t living up to it’s namesake.  It’s not bad, but if this album is going to be one of the best of the year, Jay needs to get serious on the rest of the tracks.

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Jay-Z – Reminder

Posted by tyltempest on 08/24/2009

Jay-Z – Reminder

Another leak from Blueprint 3, and another Timbo produced beat.  Again, not bad.  Jay’s verses are better on this, but the beat and hook aren’t up to par.  And Jay-Z’s new ad-lib is nothing short of retarded now.  AWH!

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Jay-Z ft. Drake – Off That

Posted by tyltempest on 08/23/2009

Jay-Z ft. Drake – Off That

I was anticipating this track and I’m pretty disappointed.  It’s not too bad, but Jay doesn’t sound right on the beat.  Second, Drake doesn’t even get a verse, demoted to hook duty here.  The worst part about that though, is that he’s not even singing.  It’s like he’s just there to be there.  This will probably end up a single.

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Scott Morgan

Posted by tyltempest on 08/19/2009

A break from all the rap stuff, and yes, there will be more of these.  If you’re a fan of the music in the popular anime Dragonball Z (which is excellent stuff if you’re not, or just haven’t bothered to pay attention), then I definitely recommend you check out this Youtube channel.

I stumbled upon this channel when listening to some of the music from Dragonball Z on Youtube and reading one of the comments, which directed me to the channel, and I’m glad I did.  Scott Morgan, the owner of this channel has “edited, arranged, and performed music for over 100 episodes of Dragonball Z.”  As such, a lot of his original work is also Dragonball Z inspired, as you will see on his channel.  Apart from that, he also some more orchestral, movie score type stuff.  This is good stuff, make sure you give it a listen.

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Blueprint 3 Official Tracklist

Posted by tyltempest on 08/19/2009

It’s a little hard to read at first but that’s the official tracklisting for Jay-Z’s upcoming Blueprint 3.  Similar enough to the earlier rumored tracklist, one notable change being that Empire’s State of Mind features Alicia Keys and not Nas.  Too many guest features in my opinion, but other than that it looks like this will be one to look forward to.

Regarding the review for Escape Route, it’s coming.  I’ve been busy so I’ve been only typing out a track a day or so for the review, but it will be out soon.

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