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At Least He Knows They Messed Up

Posted by tyltempest on 08/13/2009

Looks like Joe Budden finally spoke on the quality of his album Escape Route on a post at his forums, and sounds like it wont happen again.

Amalgam aint shit…. they supposedly hired some guy who is “incredible” w/ mixing, this was his test run… he failed….

“The Great Escape” will be mixed properly, cuz I’LL be taking care of it, them niggaz obviously don’t know shit about music, & are ruining great music w/ their cheap, cut every corner possible bullshit….

i got y’all on the next run, promise

As far as the review, I’ll have it up tomorrow.  Don’t worry, a day won’t kill you.


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Youtube Videos Now Working

Posted by tyltempest on 08/12/2009

I don’t know what happened, but the Youtube videos I had up under the Slaughterhouse and Escape Route posts stopped working.  Fixed them up now.  Hopefully this won’t happen often, or at all for that matter.

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Joe Budden Plans “Escape Route”

Posted by tyltempest on 08/11/2009

Alongside Slaughterhouse, today Joe Budden is also dropping an EP to serve as a prelude to his upcoming album The Great Escape.  It is available exclusively on Amalgam Digital.  I’ve already listened my way through it and it’s definitely a step up from his previous albums.  It features some of the better production he’s spit on as well as a guest appearance from the rest of Slaughterhouse, and it can definitely rival his Mood Muzik tapes.  Unfortunately, whoever mastered this did a terrible job.  I’ll have a review up later today or tomorrow.

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