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I think I want a Yoshi…

Posted by tyltempest on 08/23/2009

Tell me you don’t after that.  Go on.

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Scott Morgan

Posted by tyltempest on 08/19/2009

A break from all the rap stuff, and yes, there will be more of these.  If you’re a fan of the music in the popular anime Dragonball Z (which is excellent stuff if you’re not, or just haven’t bothered to pay attention), then I definitely recommend you check out this Youtube channel.

I stumbled upon this channel when listening to some of the music from Dragonball Z on Youtube and reading one of the comments, which directed me to the channel, and I’m glad I did.  Scott Morgan, the owner of this channel has “edited, arranged, and performed music for over 100 episodes of Dragonball Z.”  As such, a lot of his original work is also Dragonball Z inspired, as you will see on his channel.  Apart from that, he also some more orchestral, movie score type stuff.  This is good stuff, make sure you give it a listen.

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