The Eye of the Storm

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Power Outage

Posted by tyltempest on 08/23/2009

So a pretty bad storm hit a couple of days ago, Thursday to be exact.  Since then, the power as been out in my house, and is still out at the time of this posting.  This is just a quick update from my mom’s house to say that so far, I don’t plan on quitting the blog, it’s just that right now, I can’t.

It’s pretty damn bad, most of the food in the fridge was moved to this house for now and the rest was thrown out.  I can’t really go anywhere cause I have to watch the place in case, so it’s pretty damn boring.

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New Layout

Posted by tyltempest on 08/19/2009

Switched to a new layout; got tired of the dark theme I had.  I think this one looks better and more organized too.  We’ll see how long I like this one.

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Youtube Videos Now Working

Posted by tyltempest on 08/12/2009

I don’t know what happened, but the Youtube videos I had up under the Slaughterhouse and Escape Route posts stopped working.  Fixed them up now.  Hopefully this won’t happen often, or at all for that matter.

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What up?

Posted by tyltempest on 08/11/2009

So this is my blog where I’ll post random shit when I feel like it.  Feel free to read, or not, though if you actually clicked the link you must have some sort of interest, that or you’re bored as hell.

And yes, I do plan on upgrading from this shitty default layout eventually.  But let’s keep it simple for now, alright?

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