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Jay-Z Blueprint 3 Commercial

Posted by tyltempest on 09/02/2009

This is one of the dopest commercials I’ve ever seen.  It’s a sham that the Blueprint 3 album cover wasn’t like his other ones, it would have been a nice way to end the commercial.  Good stuff nonetheless.


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Chamillionaire’s New Album Dropping December 8th?

Posted by tyltempest on 08/26/2009

Since canceling his album Venom to create new material for his so far untitled third album, things have been rather quiet in regards to what’s next album wise.  The first bit of information has come from Cham himself, that the album is currently slated for December 8th of this year.

On the subject of the album title, it appears he hasn’t thought of one yet, and he’s continuing with his little series of contests in order to name the album.  It’s an interesting way to decide the title, considering it should reflect the content, but reading his blog, it looks like he’s already though through that step, so I suppose we’ll see how it works out when the time comes.  Oh, and if you need an incentive, there are some big rewards in it if you give Cham the winning title.

This is what im gonna do. The fan that helps decide the album title will receive this…
* Five Hundred Dollars
* 1 autographed Mixtape Messiah 7 cd.
* 5 Chamillionaire Mixtapes of your choice autographed
* 1 Autographed pair of Chamillitary Jeans
* Autographed Madden for playstation 2 (features chamillionaire’s Grind time song)
* Name shout out and credit in the inside of new album packaging.
Not bad if I do say so myself.

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Drake ft. Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Eminem – Forever

Posted by tyltempest on 08/26/2009

So it looks like it’s real, and it’s a remake of an unreleased Young Money song.  New verses from all three artists.  Again, this has potential to go either way completely.  The hook is nice.  Let’s hope four artists bring their A game here.  Below is the original song.

If I were you I’d stay away from any hip-hop sites the day this drops.  This kind of track will only bring out the worst of the internet.

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Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Eminem track?

Posted by tyltempest on 08/25/2009

Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye West & Eminem

I call bullshit on this one, but we’ll see this Friday.  This has potential to be amazing or horrible.  Each artist here had spit some amazing stuff, but some garbage at other times.  Wayne and Eminem in particular might decide how good this track is.

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