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Blueprint 3 Official Tracklist

Posted by tyltempest on 08/19/2009

It’s a little hard to read at first but that’s the official tracklisting for Jay-Z’s upcoming Blueprint 3.  Similar enough to the earlier rumored tracklist, one notable change being that Empire’s State of Mind features Alicia Keys and not Nas.  Too many guest features in my opinion, but other than that it looks like this will be one to look forward to.

Regarding the review for Escape Route, it’s coming.  I’ve been busy so I’ve been only typing out a track a day or so for the review, but it will be out soon.


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At Least He Knows They Messed Up

Posted by tyltempest on 08/13/2009

Looks like Joe Budden finally spoke on the quality of his album Escape Route on a post at his forums, and sounds like it wont happen again.

Amalgam aint shit…. they supposedly hired some guy who is “incredible” w/ mixing, this was his test run… he failed….

“The Great Escape” will be mixed properly, cuz I’LL be taking care of it, them niggaz obviously don’t know shit about music, & are ruining great music w/ their cheap, cut every corner possible bullshit….

i got y’all on the next run, promise

As far as the review, I’ll have it up tomorrow.  Don’t worry, a day won’t kill you.

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Joe Budden Plans “Escape Route”

Posted by tyltempest on 08/11/2009

Alongside Slaughterhouse, today Joe Budden is also dropping an EP to serve as a prelude to his upcoming album The Great Escape.  It is available exclusively on Amalgam Digital.  I’ve already listened my way through it and it’s definitely a step up from his previous albums.  It features some of the better production he’s spit on as well as a guest appearance from the rest of Slaughterhouse, and it can definitely rival his Mood Muzik tapes.  Unfortunately, whoever mastered this did a terrible job.  I’ll have a review up later today or tomorrow.

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